Calculs Biliaires de Bovins

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We are a French company that specializes in buying ox gallstones, cow gallstones, or Bezoar Bolus (牛黄,犀黄, XiHuangwan, Niu huang, Calculus bovis, Bezoard).

We are constantly buying ox gallstones (bezoar, bovis, niuhuang, xi huang wan) worldwide for the best prices.

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We send you our payment 24 hours after receipt of your gallstones by means of payment and currency of your choice.

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money back guarantee

Should our proposal fail to meet your expectations, we would send your gallstones back to you as soon as possible.

A simple click is all you need to do to reject our proposal, should you judge it unsatisfying or inconsistent with your inital valuation. No justification is required nor expected.


money back guarantee

We really attach importance to safety.

With, your bovine gallstones are in good hands.

We will take the greatest care of the gallstones you are selling us through all the stages of the deal.