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How to proceed?


Bovine gallstones have a high commercial value, so it is important to collect them carefully and to respect the process for their preservation.

In order to maximize the purchase value of your gallstones and to become one of our privileged suppliers, we invite you to read the following advice carefully.

Collecting gallstones

The bovines of interest are at least two years old: cows, oxen, bulls, buffalos, bison's, zebus...

Gallstones develop in a number of these animals, and more likely to be present when they advance in age.

The act of opening each gallbladder in order to check for the presence of gallstones should become an automatic action in your work with cattle. The best method is to sift the bladder contents above a bucket. If gallstones are present, they will most of the time, fall into the sieve. Sometimes a few gallstones will stay attached to the lining of the gallbladder. Detach them with care.

When you find stones in the gallbladder, also check the common bile duct and around the liver area for more gallstones. The gallstones must be carefully cleaned in cold water to get rid of the bloodstains and other impurities.

Gallstones preservation (airing / storing)

It is vital to handle your gallstones with care and to respect the drying process, so as to optimize their purchase value.

Put your gallstones in a bowl, a lidless plastic box or an open cardboard box, and store them in a dry, dark and well-ventilated place.

Avoid extreme temperatures, so don't refrigerate them but neither store them to warm.

Airing will last up to 2 to 3 weeks, we recommend that you turn the gallstones at least once or twice a week.
Be careful, gallstones become brittle once dry, and their commercial value will be reduced if they are broken.
You can make holes in your bowl or your box and and place it well above ground level: this will improve the airflow and drying process.

Once these 3 weeks are over, you're done. Your gallstone will be preserved for several months. This way you can accumulate a faire quantity of gallstones before sending them to us.

Gallstones shipping procedure

First make sure that your gallstones are perfectly dry, then check their weight (we only accept parcels with a quantity above 50 grams.)

Prepare your parcel with the greatest possible care:
Put your gallstones in a perfectly sealed plastic bag, wich you put in a strong shipping box. Protect your plastic bag with crumpled newspapers or unbleached paper, and don't forget to join your waybill wich is available on your member's area.

Seal the box hermetically with tape, and send it to the address indicated on your "Waybill"

Upon the arrival of your parcel at our office, you will receive an acknowledgment of recept by email. You can at any given time access your member’s area to consult the progress of the treatment of your parcel, as well as find the edited purchase proposal for your gallstones.

You can then decide, with a simple click, to accept our proposal and our payment will be sent to you within the next 24 workdays hours (this is in accordance to your choice of payment: bank transfer, postal order, western union ...) or to reject it: and in this case, we will return your gallstones to you as quickly as possible.