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How to estimate the value of you ox gallstones


Since we’re committed to purchase at the best available rates, we distinguish between 4 different categories of ox gallstones:

Category Description
1 Whole orange > 2,5 cm3
2 Whole orange < 2,5 cm3
3 Broken orange (white or black excluded)
4 Powdered or Poor quality: not dry, too old (black), mouldy (white), ...

You can estimate the purchase value of your gallstones, by accessing your "Member Area"

Upon arrival of your parcel at our office, we will check the quality of your gallstones in our laboratory according to their colour, texture, composition, and bilirubin levels ... taking all teh safety precautions to ensure that they stay in good condition.

That same day, we'll issue an analysis report. This is an extremely precise analysis of the quality of your stones and will allow us to determine our purchase proposal for the overall value of your gallstones, including small fragments and powder.

Engagement and Purchase proposal


Based on the analysis report made on the day of the reception of your parcel, we will immediately edit our purchase proposal.

This proposal will be send to you by email and will also be available on your member area. You can then, with a simple click, either choose to accept or reject our offer.

Acceptance of our purchase proposal


You are free to accept or reject our purchase proposal with one simple click, you don't have to justify your decision.

If you reject our proposal, we will send you your gallstones back as soon as possible.

If you accept our proposal, we will send you your payment within 24 work hours, using your preferred payment and the currency option.