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Frequently asked Questions


* Who are we ?
* Can I sell you my gallstone, even if I don’t reside in a country where there is an "Authorized Collection Centre" ?
* Do you accept other sorts of gallstones?
* What do you do with the gallstones that you buy from me ?


* How can I show you the gallstones I like to sell ?
* How can I know my price in advance, and make you a SALES OFFER ?
* How can I know your final price and receive your Purchase Offer for the gallstones I have sent to you?
* What happens if I make a mistake in the assessment of my gallstones, or if I underestimated or overestimated the value of my gallstones on my Sales Offer ?
* What can I do if I don’t have a scale to weigh my gallstones ?
* What might be the reason, that there’s sometimes is a slight difference between the price calculated in my Sales Offer and that of your Purchase Offer ?
* Why can the price displayed by the "online calculator" vary from one assessment to another ?
* The price of 1 gram indicated on the site is that of the category 1 gallstones, but what is the price for the other categories ?
* How can you offer higher prices than others do all over the world ?


* Is the dispatch of gallstones legal ? Which dispatch method to choose, which description to give, which value to declare ?
* Where to send my gallstones ?
* Is my shipment insured in case that it gets lost ?
* How do I know if you have received my parcel ?
* If I change my mind, can I recuperate my gallstones ?
* If I refuse your purchase offer, what will you do with my gallstones ?


* I like to sell my gallstones, but I do not want to send them ! What do I do ?
* What guarantee do I have to get paid ?
* How am I paid ? By which means of payment, and in which currency ?
* If I don’t have a bank account, is it possible to receive cash ?
* When am I paid ?


* I can’t login to my account !
* How can I contact you ?
* I might have gallstones to sell, but I'm not sure if they’re really gallstones ?
* I would like some help with various questions: how do I do that ?
* I would like to represent you in my Country, and collect gallstones for your company. What are my guarantees and my advantages ?